Communication Service Providers

cidaas helps you efficiently share information with your clients using a service that transports information electronically. By using the communication channels supported on cidaas, you can offer a seamless and connected experience for your customers.

This feature supports communication using EMAIL, SMS, IVR and PUSH mechanisms. cidaas allows you to configure your communication channel through various Communication Service providers. You can use predefined service providers or select custom service providers for communication services on your website.

In the cidaas Admin Portal , you can set up a data sharing template for a communication provider. You can then configure this custom template to either EMAIL, SMS, PUSH or IVR template page groups.

The Communication Providers feature in the cidaas Admin portal lets you configure your communication provider settings.

Navigate to: Admin dashboard -> Settings -> Communication Providers

Communication Provider Methods

Click on the appropriate link below to view the configuration steps for each communication method and set the configuration provider for your website.

Email Provider

SMS Provider

IVR Provider

PUSH Provider

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