How to use Google Firebase as Push Notification Provider:

To configure firebase in cidaas system we need Legacy server key/key, Here are the steps to get Legacy server key from Google Firebase.

1. Signup with Firebase account or login with same if you already have. Once you login click on the link called Go to console.

2. If you don’t have any project,you can create new one as I already created, I am using the same project for further process.

3. Click on the Setting icon -> Project Settings.

4. Copy the Legacy Server Key which used in cidaas system to configure push notification.

Steps to configure Push Notification in cidaas system

1. Navigate to Settings -> Communication Providers.

2. Click on Add New Push Provider to add new Push provider.

3. In add Push notification Provider page, enter the appropriate details and paste the Legacy server Key / Key and click on the create button to create new push notification provider.

4. Newly created Push notification provider is ready to use in sender config section of Template group.

How to use PUSH notification provider in sender config section of Template group

1. Navigate to Settings -> Templates -> Cidaas Templates

2. Click on the Settings icon corresponding to default template group to map custom Push provider.

3. How to create Template Group is already explained in the previous section, Now click on the edit icon corresponding to Sender Configuration.

4. Select your custom PUSH Notification provider and save the Template group.

Note : Once we perform above mentioned step we are good to use our own Custom Push Notification Provider to send and receive notification.

5. Now we can map the same Template group to required app.

6. Navigate to Apps -> Apps Settings -> Edit App -> Advanced Settings -> Template Group Settings. Now we can map template group to app.

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