How to use SMTP as email communication provider :

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is an application layer protocol that is used to send emails from the sender’s mail server to the receiver’s mail server.

To use SMTP as email provider we need some info regarding below parameters, where we will get these parameters from different SMTP Provider such as Gmail, AWS etc...

Required parameters includes :

SMTP Server Name :
The actual SMTP server’s specification. You can find it either consulting the web page of your provider or searching for it on our list of server POP and SMTP.

  • SMTP server name :

SMTP User Name :
An email address or any username if your provider are having.

  • SMTP username :

SMTP Password :
Password which protect secret information.

  • SMTP Password : xxx

SMTP Port :
usually SMTP works with port 25, but it can work also with 587 or 465. For further information, check out our article about SMTP ports.

  • SMTP Port : xxx

Name :
An informal name that you will decide to identify the server (best to use the email provider’s, like Gmail or Yahoo).

1. Now navigate to cidaas portal, and select Settings > Communication Provider and click on Email option.

2. To add new email provider click on the button Add New Email Provider.

3. Hope you got all the required information to create SMTP Email provider. Enter the appropriate details which are collected from different SMTP Provider, then click on the Create button to create new SMTP Provider.

4. We can use the recently created email provider in the sender config section of Template group.

How to use Email provider in sender config section of Template group:

1. Navigate to Settings > Templates > Cidaas Template

2. Click on the Settings icon corresponding to default template group to map custom Email provider.

3. How to create Template Group is already explained in previous section, Now click on edit icon corresponding to Sender Configuration.

4. Select your SMTP email provider and save the Template Group.

Note : Once we perform above mentioned steps, we are good to use our own Custom Email provider to send and receive email.

Now we can map the same Template group to the required app.

5. Navigate to Apps > Apps Settings > Edit App > Advanced Settings > Template Group Settings. Now we can map template group to app.

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