Administrator Analytics Dashboard

cidaas is a cloud-enabled analytics-driven CIAM platform. In addition to letting you secure logins on your web applications, the platform allows you to track user activities like successful logins, login failures, MFA using SMS and email, the registered user names, and more.

Once you have a cidaas admin account created by signing up on cidaas, and you've logged in, the first page that appears is the Administrator Dashboard.

On this intuitive dashboard, you can view and track real-time users data for the current day, week, month, and year.

Time range selection

To view the statistics for the desired period, you can click the period selection drop-downlist and select one of the following values:

  • Last 7 days for 1 week's data.
  • Last 30 days for 1 month's data.
  • This month for the current month's data.
  • Last month for the previous month's data.
  • Monthly for month-wise data.
  • Yearly for year-wise data of the past 10 years.

1. The first set of analytics data displayed include the following parameter counts that are displayed for the selected date range:

  • Total users: The number of users who have signed in using cidaas.
  • Total SMS: The number of logins via SMS.
  • Emails: The number of logins via email.
  • Login Failures: The number of login failures that have happened over the selected date range. View Login Failure Reports

2. Next, you can view the comparison data of the number of users who have signed in to your app using cidaas for the following timelines:

  • Today & yesterday.
  • This week & last week.
  • This month & last month.
  • This year and last year.

3. Last 10 Registered Users: Ten users who have recently registered.

4. Last 10 User Activities: The user name, activity (profile update, password change, etc.), and the timestamp (date & time).

5. The graphical representation of the comparison between New users and Returning users (those who're already signed up using cidaas) based on the selected date range. See New/Returning Users.

6. The graphical representation of the geographic distribution of the registered users.

7. Total Active Users: The graphical representation on the percentage of the total users active on the app vs. the total number of users using a ring graph.

8. Statistics based on Social Login Provider: The graphical representation of statistics for Registration Count and Login Count across the social provider accounts that have been integrated with cidaas on the app.

Should you have any questions or need further assistance on this analytics dashboard, please contact our support team.

We'll be happy to help. Thank you!

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