cidaas admin login for Shopware

In cidaas, we offer admin portal login plugin. Anyone who has a store in shopware, then their admin users can log in with cidaas.

In this section, you will find steps to authorize administrator login via cidaas for your shopware store.


1. Download the plugin in the Shopware store or in the Plugin manager in your Shopware Admin site.

2. In your Shopware admin portal select Settings from the sidebar menu. Choose System from the drop-down menu and select plugins. Install and activate cidaas for Shopware plugin from the plugin menu.

3. Navigate to Custom tab in your Shopware store and select plugins -> CidaasShopwarePlugin -> Src -> Component -> OpenAuth -> Widas.php

4. Change getBaseUrl() return value to your cidaas domain baseurl.

5. Run the following commands in the root directory of your shopware instance.

  1. Run bin/console plugin:update CidaasOpenAuth

  2. Run bin/console cache:clear

6. Refresh your Shopware Admin Portal. Now, in Settings -> System, you can find OauthLogin menu.

How to Configure in Shopware UI

  1. After Installation, in admin portal Settings -> System -> OauthLogin menu will appear. When you click that menu it'll show the Client List page.

  1. Click the Create button to navigate choose type page. In that page just press Choose button under cidaas Label. Then it’ll redirect Create Client page.

  • Name represents your Plugin name and Your button Lable in Login Page
  • Active represents if your client is enabled/disabled
  • If you want to use this configuration for your login you need to enable 3rd option mentioned in CSP 05
  • If you enable 4th option it’ll act as an SSO. for example; If you already logged in with cidaas and try to click login with cidaas button, it’ll automatically login to your system, but the logged user must be in shopware system
  • 5th Option will store user access token in database. If you want to store user accees token, you can enable this option

  • Redirect Url is auto-generated by Shopware. You need to put this url in your tenant Client redirect uri configuration. Basically after login, it will redirect to this page and then it’ll resolve our code and redirect to admin UI.
  • You need put your Client ID there
  • You need put Client Secret there
  • We already added needed scopes in plugin, if you want add more scopes then you can add in 9th option

Once you added all Information, it’ll show in the list.

  • If your plugin is active then it’ll show in Green, otherwise it won’t
  • Name will be your button that’s visible in your login page
  • 4th point represent how many users currently using this provider as a login
  • Created shows created time of the Plugin


Administator can now see the login with cidaas option for logging in to shopware store, as shown in the below image.

It'll show under Default login button. Once you successfully log in with cidaas, it'll update in user count in table.

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