Simplifying Enterprise User IAM like Never Before

cidaas - Customer Identity Management as a Service is a secure and enterprise-grade cloud-based identity platform developed by WidasConcepts.

Using cidaas helps connect all your digital apps, logins, and devices seamlessly into a unified fabric while abstracting user authentication on your enterprise applications based on the authorized user's role.

With cidaas, your business apps will be up and running from day one because of automatic user authentication and authorization. You can focus on business while cidaas seamlessly connects your users to all the services they need using its Single Sign-on capabilities in a robust and secure network.

Built using OAuth 2.0 and Open ID connect standards, cidaas effortlessly integrates your web applications with our pre-built social login, registration, and single sign-on components. cidaas is designed to offer scalability, security, transparency, and a superior user experience for your customer identities and data management solutions.

cidaas' Authentication Methods - One Platform, Many Choices!

cidaas implements several methods to authenticate users from using an application (written in any language or using any tech stack).

Session Management is a key component of our sign-on (SSO) solution that enables users to provide authentication credentials only once to access multiple resources for any number of successive attempts.

The authentication methods supported on cidaas include:

  • Custom Credentials: Username + Passwords.
  • Social Network Logins: Google, Facebook, Twitter, or any OAuth2 with OpenID Connect provider.
  • Enterprise Directories: Office 365.
  • Password less Systems: Face Recognition, Fido U2f, TouchID, Voice Recognition, Pattern, Smart Push, One Time Codes (TOTP), Email, SMS, IVR or Backup Codes.

To give a simplistic view, the picture here shows a demo, where a client Web Portal uses cidaas as its login/registration service.

Why cidaas?

With cidaas, we offer a centralized solution for managing your users and securing your portals, apps, and APIs through an Administrator portal and its functionalities.

  • Nowadays, users need the flexibility of operating on different user accounts, which often leads them into a maze of frequently forgotten passwords. This situation could cause security risks while leading to customer dissatisfaction and discontinuation of services.

  • At the same time, companies with a growing number of users face the challenge of managing user accounts efficiently and intuitively.

  • Technological changes and digital transformation have led to mobility, cloud services, online collaboration, the Internet of Things, and similar advancements with new requirements which require advanced ways of identifying users on applications and controlling their access privileges.

How it Works?

cidaas is seamlessly integrated into your existing web portal or across all your digital services where your end-users need to register/login i.e. the user interface will be customized to your business specifications.

cidaas offers bespoke configuration and management of authentication and authorization on your enterprise products. To integrate cidaas with your business and explore the benefits of our IAM services, please connect with our team today!

Benefits of cidaas


  • Securing your portals and Web APIs using OAuth2 and OpenID Connect.
  • Cloud Services are hosted in Germany: Responsible handling of customer data in accordance with the German Data Protection Act.
  • Multi-Factor Authorization: Additional security in case of any unauthorized access attempt.
  • Additional protection by Automatic Monitoring: Automatic verification of the token, the roles and scopes in the background for each request.
  • Fraud & Anomaly Detection: Using Machine learning algorithms and Big Data technology.


  • Single Sign-On (SSO): End user’s login using a single identity across all channels and services of the provider.
  • cidaas Webhooks: Advanced Event handling using Webhooks in cidaas.
  • Users manage their profiles on their own, regarding social identities, password, preferred communication, devices used and many more.
  • User Self-Services: Registered users manage their account in a dedicated user-site themselves. This way, passwords or mail addresses are updated by the customer.

User Verification

  • Behavioral Analysis: Access tokens is monitored using advanced Big Data Technology and can thus be clearly assigned to a user.
  • Opt-in: After registration an automatic verification is received via email, SMS, or phone calls.
  • User de-duplication: Using advanced machine learning algorithms.


  • Client Specific Custom Fields in the User Data: cidaas offers its customers a multitude of freely specifiable custom fields for capturing tailored customer data. This profile information can be retrieved easily using OpenID Connect integration.
  • Custom UI and email templates.
  • Interceptors and SDKs at your disposal.


  • Automatic Reminder Towards Profile Activation: cidaas reminds the end user automatically after registration, to activate his profile. This helps in the validation of the specified contact information.
  • Scalable and agile 'software as a service'.
  • Zero down time and 24/7 customer support.


  • Create Custom App: Custom client-apps can be registered for use with cidaas to increase the application scope.
  • My Apps: Use your own apps in the cloud.
  • Third Party Apps: Benefit from the huge range of the already available apps!

Social login integration

  • Social Media Registration: Users can comfortably register using their favorite social network. Valuable customer information from their social data can be thus gained.


  • PSD2 offering.
  • B2C, B2B, B2E, solutions.
  • Enterprise Support: AD, LDAP and ADFS Integration.

Analytics and Reporting

Data from diverse Social Providers give insights on customer interests, hobbies, behavior pattern, user content, activities, demographic information, media preferences - cidaas transforms this information into useful knowledge for your business!

Benefit from the speed and agility of Big Data and IoT technologies on cidaas and gain the leading edge in the market!

Get started with cidaas today.

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