Update management

This deals with the updates of cidaas product itself. There may be several updates in the form of new features, targeted patch to a system or overall patch to a released version. cidaas offers flexibility to the administrators by allowing them to choose when and how they would want to deal with these updates, without impacting their production systems. An administrator may feel comfortable to schedule a feature update to be during production deployment cycle while a vulnerability patch has to be updated instantaneously. Update management feature allows to give necessary heads up and configuration options to do all these seamlessly.

To use this feature, navigate to: Go Admin Dashboard -> Update Management

  • Administrator can manage new feature vs. vulnerability updates, using update management. This feature provides a convenient alternative to CD installation. Note that Internet access is required.

  • Release Manager notifies administrator when an update is available. By looking at these notifications an administrator can decide whether to schedule or be informed of immediate patch update. An image of how the notification would show up on administrator dashboard is shown below:

  • If the cidaas product release manager releases any features or changes, the administrator gets notification on the top navigation bar. They can just click on it and view release notes.

  • It contains features, change logs and known issues to better manage your business. The administrator can then read all the release notes and accept it. Thats it!

  • If you click Accept button, what ever features/changes mentioned on the release notes will be updated to your business portal.

Note Changes mentioned in Release Notes don't get applied to your portal untill you click on the Accept button.

Unless, the time duration specified while creating the release is exceeded, and the release will be forcefully updated on the client. </div>

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