Backup Code for Passwordless Authentication

cidaas provides authentication using backup codes if you can't receive verification codes via SMS, IVR, or other passwordless options on the cidaas authenticator app.

An 8-digit backup code can be used only once to sign in to the user's account after which it becomes inactive. The user can get a new set of backup codes on request. cidaas offers 10 backup codes.

Prerequisites to Configure Backup Code Passwordless Authentication

1. The cidaas Authenticator app should be installed and set up for your account on your mobile.

2. BACKUP CODE should be enabled by the admin under Multifactor Settings in the admin dashboard.

3. In the Admin Dashboard, under Apps > App Settings > Edit App > Advance Settings > Authentication, backup code should be added to the Authentication field.

Always ask for 2FA must be enabled to configure backup code for two-step verification.

Configuring Backup Code Passwordless Authentication

Backup code can be set as a passwordless authentication method during login on the user self-service portal.

To configure it, follow these steps:

1. Register using either your email ID/mobile number/user name by clicking the relevant tab, providing your credentials, and tapping the arrow button.

2. Provide the password and click the Register button to complete registration.

3. Once registered, login to your user portal account on your desktop or laptop, and tap the Login & Security tile.

4. In the Login & Security page, click Configure for the BACKUP CODE multifactor authentcation method. This will display the backup codes on the screen.

Note: Please note the backup codes somewhere safe to use them when logging in to the user portal.

5. Login to the user portal again by tapping the backup authentication icon that appears under How do you want to authenticate?, and keying in one of the backup codes.

The codes come in sets of 10 and you can generate a new set at any point which automatically deactivates the old set. After you’ve used a backup code, it becomes inactive. The status of a used backup code changes from "Not used" to "Used".

6. Once configured, you will notice that the Configure button for Backup Code changes to View on your user self-service portal.

Backup Code Authentication can be configured explicitly on the cidaas admin dashboard. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Click the profile icon > My Account, on the admin dashboard.

2. Click Physical Verification Setup to view the Backup Code tile under Setup physical verification.

3. Click the edit icon for backup code under Setup Physical Verification.

Then, configure this MFA method with the following steps:

  • The following screen with the backup codes is displayed.
  • Make note of these codes somewhere safe for later use, and click Done.
  • The Backup Code option is automatically moved under the Configured Authentication Types section.

4. On the login page of the admin portal, tap the Click here for Passwordless Authentication.

5. Type in the email id and click Proceed.

6. Click Backup Codes that has been configured for the account and appears on the 2-Step Verification page.

7. Enter one of the backup codes you have noted down in the previous step to login successfully.

Congratulations! backup code has been configured as an authentication method for your account.

This completes our discussion on Backup code passwordless authentication for the admin and end-user.

Should you have any questions or need further assistance with this configuration, please contact our support team.

We'll be happy to help. Thank you!

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