Security Question Passwordless Authentication

Some organizations require multifactor authentication from a user. In cidaas' Security Question authentication method, the administrator can set up a series of pre-defined questions for the end-user to answer. The user must set the answer to these questions to get authenticated. Security Questions are useful when users forget their passwords or want to bypass passwords on the Admin dashboard.

Configuring Security Question as an Authentication Method

To configure your security question(s) and answer(s), follow these steps:

1. Login to the Admin Dashboard > Multifactor Settings > MFA Settings.

2. Enable the Security Question option and click the edit icon.

3. In the Security Questions page, click the + Create Security Question button.

4. In the Create Security Question page, turn on the switch for Enable Security Question.

Next, select an option from the dropdown for Select Locale.

Type in the security question, and click Save.

The following success confirmation message is displayed.

The saved question is added to the list in the Security Questions page.

User-defined security questions are free form text. The answer can be multiple words. It is case sensitive and the spaces you enter must be entered when you login using this authentication method.

To setup secret question as an authentication method for a customer app, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Apps > App Settings > Edit App.

2. Click the Advanced Settings button. In the the Advanced Settings window, click the Authentication tab.

3. Enable the Always ask for 2FA switch, select "Secret_Question" for Authentication, and click Save.

The following sucess confirmation message is displayed.

Congratulations! You have now set your secret question for authentication.

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our support team.

We'll be happy to help. Thank you!

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