Text Message (SMS) Verification for Passwordless Authentication

An end-user can choose to be authenticated using a text message on cidaas' user self-service portal. A six-digit verification code is sent via SMS to the registered mobile number which should be provided on the login page.

SMS authentication can be used for two-step verification when combined with other authentication methods like email or TOTP to provide additional login security.

Prerequisites to Configure Text Message Authentication

1. The cidaas Authenticator app should be installed and set up for your account on your mobile.

2. SMS should be enabled by the admin under Multifactor Settings in the admin dashboard.

3. To add SMS in the authentication scope for an app, the admin should add it as the Scope parameter under Apps > App Settings > Edit App in the Admin Dashboard.

4. Also in the Admin Dashboard, under Apps > App Settings > Edit App > Advance Settings > Authentication, SMS should be added to the Authentication field.

Always ask for 2FA must be enabled to configure SMS for two-step verification.

Configuring SMS Passwordless Authentication

SMS/text-message can be set as a passwordless authentication method during login on the user self-service portal.

To configure it, follow these steps:

1. Register your mobile number by clicking the Mobile tab, providing your number, and tapping the arrow button.

2. Provide the password and click the Register button to complete registration.

3. Once registered, click the SMS icon under How do you want to authenticate?, then, provide the verification code received on your mobile number, and hit the arrow button.

Note: SMS authentication is configured by default under Login & Security > TEXT MESSAGE in the user portal.

Text Message is configured as a default authentication type on the cidaas admin dashboard. To view this option:

1. Click the profile icon > My Account, on the admin dashboard.

2. Click Physical Verification Setup to view the Text-Message tile under Configured Authentication Types.

Congratulations! Text message has been configured as an authentication method for your account.

This completes our discussion on Text-Message passwordless authentication for the admin and end-user.

Should you have any questions or need further assistance with configuring text message passwordless authentcation, please contact our support team.

We'll be happy to help. Thank you!

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